ClearView Butterfly Zoo - Voucher Kit


Witness the wonder of metamorphosis like never before!

For years, butterfly lovers of all ages have been restricted to growing butterflies in tiny cups, unable to truly observe the process. Now there’s a new and better option – Clearview Butterfly Zoo. Witness their amazing transformation through our unique, crystal clear viewing house. This interactive display allows you to clearly watch as the caterpillars grow, molt, pupate and finally emerge as butterflies, all while interactively tracking their progress with the provided growth chart and critter stickers.

Clearview Butterfly Zoo Box Contents:

This butterfly growing kit ships with a voucher to redeem the caterpillars at a future date. Here's what you will receive:

Certificate to redeem live caterpillars.

Butterfly Pop-up Zoo (Reusable)  

IMPORTANT: to redeem your live caterpillar certificate, please click here and follow the instructions at check out.

When you redeem your certificate, here's what you will get next:

Ages 4+ (adult supervision recommended)

Click here for a video showing the contents of the voucher kit.