butterfly release

"This not only helps our diminishing butterfly population but adds a dazzling touch to a garden wedding."
-- Beverly Clark, Author of Planning a Wedding to Remember

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"We got the butterflies just in time to make a memory of a lifetime. Thank you, again, for a wonderful experience with your monarch butterflies. I have now ordered for a wedding and for (2) funerals. Each time it was a wonderful experience that is hard to describe with words. The wedding we attended made our gift perfect, for a couple that had ‘everything’. The group of surprised guests (the butterflies in the release basket) made their event complete. I was surprised that their wedding coordinator had not thought of it. The grooms Daughter has been blind since birth, I tried to describe the butterflies to her, its like a basket of flowers flying into the sky, its angelic. It is truly breath taking. Thank you."
-- Diane


butterfly release
butterfly release

"The Home Hospice Butterfly Release & Family Celebrations have become a much anticipated tradition in each of the communities we serve!  The butterflies are always magnificent.  When hosting an event with children and live creatures, it’s awesome to have the Swallowtail Farms team ready to answer any questions or concerns!  Hundreds of families have been impacted by the work you do – Thank you."
-- Karen Carter, Home Hospice


wedding butterflies for release
butterfly release monarch butterfly

"We can't express how beautiful our wedding was, all because of your butterflies. It was breathtaking! Our guests are still talking about it. Thank you for giving us such a memorable moment."
-- Brandon and Christi


wedding live butterfly release
releasing live butterflies at wedding

"I just wanted to send a hearty THANK YOU for a wonderful butterfly release at my wedding! Everyone enjoyed the idea of live butterflies and I was so happy they arrived safe and well, just as you said. A few days after, we saw one hanging around in our backyard and we took that as a good omen! Our wedding announcement picture has one sitting on my bouquet! It was so beautiful! I just want to thank you for your courteous service and I've told so many people about you and how legitimate your company has been! Thanks so much!"
-- Rick and Sandra


butterfly release
butterfly release

"I am back from Oregon, and the beautiful butterflies were a hit. They made my Mom's memorial very special. Everyone loved them. I will refer you to my friends. Thank you for your wonderful service."
-- Gayle


live monarch butterfly release
butterfly release wedding

"I wanted to write to Thank You for the special care you gave us, it was so appreciated during our painful time.  The butterflies were perfect!  Our daugher loved butterflies and to release them at such a sad time really lifted everyones hearts.  The butterflies reacted so wonderfully they flew to some of the children and let them hold them. The most special was our grandson who was very close to his aunt, he was able to hold one while some one took photos. When I am able to get copies, I will forward them to you. Thank You again for your wonderful service."
-- Marla


butterfly release
butterfly release

"The butterflies were delivered right on time and with very good directions on how to care for them until ready for release. This was a first for all our friends and relatives, needless to say they all thought it was a terrific idea and were excited to release their own with the special little box. Once the butterflies were released, it was an absolute awesome experience to watch such beautiful creatures fly off. What really made the day so special for my daughter, was after the wedding ceremony and the butterflies were released, there was one single butterfly that flew back and landed on her gown. The butterfly stayed with her as she walked back up the aisle and into the cocktail party. Needless to say, the butterfly release was a huge success."
-- Sharon

"Thanks for your help on ordering the beautiful butterflies that were a huge hit at our son's wedding. Every one of our butterflies took flight in breathtaking awe to all. From tears to delightful joy, all were touched by this beautiful ceremony. There are many still fluttering around in our yard even now."
-- Brian and Selena


butterfly release
butterfly release

"Your wonderful butterflies were the most memorable experience for my wedding -- in fact, I believe they were just the touch that pushed our 6 month prep, money-saver wedding into the category of 'PERFECT' that I got so many raves & squeals about. My family all talks about the butterfly who just had to sit on my shy Aunt Lilly's hair and I had one who was posing for photos on MY bouquet that didn't want to leave until we got to the reception hall. The poor little thing must have been one that our butterfly wrangler, Nancy Linn, found under the Freeze Pack at the begining of the ceremony when she realized she had more than the couple dozen she had ordered -- Her final count was 38 butterflies! Our photographer did a great job with taking the butterfly's pictures. Also everyone with a camera focused on the butterflies in coming to take my picture! I got upstaged by a bug! SNICKER!"
-- The Morgan's

"We could only hope those who purchase your butterflies get as much enjoyment and memories as we did!"
-- Lisa


butterfly release
butterfly release

"I just want to send a thank you note and to let you know just how thrilled we were with the release. You were extremely helpful in every aspect and your knowledge, which you shared freely, put me, a typical anxious bride-to-be, at ease. We were fortunate that none of the butterflies died during shipping and all were extremely active and flew immediately upon release. Our friends and family are still talking about the breathtaking sight of seeing all of the butterflies in flight around us. I have to say that of all the details were were careful to include in our wedding day, the butterflies were by far the most splendid and appreciated one. We can't thank you enough for helping us to make our wedding, not only memorable to us, but also to everyone who attended. I now have friends, and friends of friends, calling me for information about your company. I am happily passing your information along. Thank you again."
-- Jennifer and Jeff

"I just wanted to tell you how much fun it was releasing the butterflies on our wedding day!  I gave everyone a decorative card  printed with the Indian Legend first and then passed out the butterflies.  They were all alive and everyone was amazed!  It was especially fun because we kept it a surprise until the last minute. There was one butterfly that went from our release box directly to my bouquet and it stayed there long enough for the photographer to take a number of amazing pictures.  If you are interested in them please let me know and I'll have some sent to you. Thanks again for helping to make our wedding day extra special and I look forward to another opportunity to have a release!!!!"
-- Alyson


butterfly release
butterfly release

We had your butterflies for our daughter's wedding and it was beautiful! All of the butterflies arrived alive and lively! It was a day that our family will cherish, thank you! We had also ordered the wedding set with the ring bearer's pillow and accessories and they were of great quality also. Thank you for being a company of your word!"
-- Jama

"I would like to take the time to say THANK YOU for the lovely experience of having the pleasure to have butterflies released for our wedding. ALL the butterflies arrived safe and alive and one even stayed on the lapel of my husband for all the pics and when I said "dad go get the car" it flew away. I think it was a blessing in disguise - I will send pics and if you like you have my permission to post on the website. THANK YOU,  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for exeptional service and quality."
-- Melissa


butterfly release
butterfly release

"Talk to anyone who's set a butterfly free, and you'll hear about undiluted enchantment."
-- Joan Waters, Feature Editions Writer, Sacramento Bee

"They all flew right out and landed on the church and the bushes and my bouquet. It was like being engulfed in butterflies. . . they evoke everything from beauty and grace to butterflies in the stomach."
-- Lois Smith Brady, The New York Times


butterfly release
butterfly release

"Just wanted to let you know the butterflies were a beautiful addition to an almost perfect wedding. The butterflies arrived at the designated time. The instructions included were easy to follow, and the butterflies themselves were beautiful and healthy. When released the butterflies flew gracefully into the sky, several landed on the bridal parties bouquets and boutonnieres, as if to pose for pictures. We saved a few chilled butterflies for formal photos and luckily we saved the "trained" ones, who gave us their full cooperation. We are looking forward to viewing the great pictures that the butterflies provided.  Thank for your professionalism and providing a beautiful addition to our wedding. You will now be highly recommended in the Buffalo, New York area and hopefully we will see many more beautifull monarchs in this area.  Thank you again."
-- Lynn and Scott

"Swirls of butterflies draw every eye heavenward as young and old draw their breath in sharp delight. . . a final touch of nature's magic for your wedding."
-- Soleil Tranquilli, Wedding Bells


butterfly release

"Just wanted to let you know how beautiful the butterfly release was on my daughter's wedding day, July 30th.  We got a beautiful picture of my daughter-in-law holding a butterfly on her finger with my son looking on.  They were very healthy and very beautiful.  Thank you again, I would recommend your company without hesitation.  Thanks again."
-- LaVerne

"The idea is taking off. . ."
-- Joyce Cohen, The Wall Street Journal


butterfly release
butterfly release