ClearView Butterfly Zoo - Easy Kit!


Witness the wonder of metamorphosis like never before!

For years, butterfly lovers of all ages have been restricted to growing butterflies in laboratory style cups, unable to truly observe the process. Now there’s a new and better option – Clearview Butterfly Zoo - Easy Kit! Witness their amazing transformation through our unique, crystal clear viewing house. This interactive display allows you to clearly watch as the caterpillars grow, molt, pupate and finally emerge as butterflies, all within the same container. 

We call this the "Easy Kit" because there is very little assembly and once the caterpillars are in the viewing container, they do not need to be fed, handled, or transferred.  They will go from caterpillar, to chrysalis, to butterfly all within the same container.  (Expedited shipping via USPS Priority Mail is $9.95.)*


  • Clear rectangular viewing tube (Dimensions: 2" x 2" x 6")
  • Triangular cup stand
  • One cup with food and live painted lady caterpillars (approx. 3 caterpillars)

*SHIPPING NOTE - we ship once per week at the beginning of each week during the spring season.  To select your preferred "ship week," proceed to check out and you will have the option to select a day ("event date") that falls within your preferred ship week.  The caterpillars will arrive near the end of that week.  (NOTE - During the fall, we ship every other week.  We do NOT ship during the months of July and August due to excessive heat.)

Assembly Instructions (PDF File): CLICK HERE