Round Mass Release Box


This is our most popular mass release box. Each box is specially designed to keep the butterflies calm & healthy and has a glossy white exterior secured by a luxurious ribbon in the color of your choice (white will be selected if no color choice is specified). Inside of the box is a textured lining made of handmade paper to ensure the butterflies ability to grip the sides for their safety. Ribbon can easily be detached and replaced if you have your own ribbon. We have various boxes sizes, so please specify the amount of butterflies you plan to release from the box so that we can send you the most appropriate size. Butterflies must be ordered separately.

See a video of the boxes here. 

We have 3 sizes available:

  • SMALL - holds up to 4 dozen painted ladies or 2 dozen monarchs
  • MEDIUM - holds up to 8 dozen painted ladies or 4 dozen monarchs
  • LARGE - holds up to 12 dozen painted ladies or 6 dozen monarchs

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