Western Monarch Butterflies - By The Dozen


** Monarch Butterflies are available until October 31. **

IMPORTANT NOTE: live butterflies must be purchased separately from any other item on this website (except for individual release boxes) since the butterflies have special shipping requirements. If you desire to order a mass release container, plantable favors, etc., please create a new order for those other items since they will be shipping separately (this saves shipping cost for you as well!).

Western Monarch Butterflies sold by the dozen can only be shipped to locations west of the Continental Divide, which includes the following states:  California (CA), Oregon (OR), Washington (WA), Idaho (ID), Nevada (NV), Utah (UT), Arizona (AZ), Colorado (CO), and New Mexico (NM).

Please be sure to read all about the details of having a butterfly release at your event prior to making a purchase. 

Briefly, here's how it works: you may choose between an individual release, a mass release, or a combination of both. If you would like to upgrade your individual release boxes, please be sure to check out our individual butterfly release packaging options.

Custom printing is only available for our standard or designer boxes - click "yes" in the option box and enter your custom text in the box above the "add to cart" button. Please keep in mind that the label is limited in how much space is available for print. Names & date work best, but a short phrase is also OK. Please use the asterisk symbol (*) to represent a line-break.

If you choose to do a mass release, please be sure to select a mass release container after your purchase of the live butterflies (this will ship separately). Mass release butterflies are shipped in glassine transfer envelopes designed to make it easy for transferring. Butterfly transfer instructions will be provided. 

If you choose to do a combination of both mass release and individual release, please tell us how many you want in individual release boxes and how many you want prepared for a mass release in the special requests box at check-out.  (We will pack the mass release butterflies in glassine transfer envelopes for easy transfer to your mass release container.)

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